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VARIANT – 3 + zwro...

VARIANT – 3 + zwrot

Separator – 3 kanały separacji, zwrot z boku.

The Variant 3-way side reject coin sorter can be connected to all pulse or ccTalk coin selectors. It can match any Alberici electronic coin selector and is compatible with the all other 3-way/5-ways models in terms of sorting layout. In addition, it has the same overall size as a traditional 2-ways separator.
  • 3 ways overlaid outputs plus reject
  • It can match Alberici electronic coin selector, V version, when mounted upright
  • It can match Alberici electronic coin selector, S or K version, when front mounted
  • It accepts Standard, ccTalk or Spanish protocol
  • White color
  • Front reject support
  • Bottom reject support
  • C shaped support
  • Bracket for Variant
Size 80x48x75 mm
Weight 196 gr
Number of paths 3 overlayed useful
Operating voltage +12 V
Current draw 400 mA
Pin outs 10 pins std, 10 pins ccTalk, 4 pins ccTalk
Coin Patn Output Pulse time Coin diameter ccTalk command
1 Coin Box - - - 600 ms Ø max 32 mm 01
3 3° Path - - V 600 ms Ø max 32 mm 03
4 4° Path V V - 900 ms Ø max 32 mm 04
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